One year of Minecraft Dota

Exactly one year ago today, Hypixel (or Theory Movies as he was know as back then) released the map that we all know and love, Minecraft Dota. I initially posted a server on reddit and within minutes it was full. The system back then was rather crude, but over time it's been improved and has now reached the point where I think it's a reasonably well balanced and fun to play game. In celebration, I'd like to share some statistics from the past year of Minecraft Dota:

Common Chat Words:

Common words used in chat

Game Information:

  • 274,742 connections.
  • 120,627 joined team blue.
  • 144,132 joined team red.
  • 27,158 unique accounts.
  • 25,742 towers destroyed.
  • 4,084 games played.


  • 345,760 deaths.
  • 275,873 from other players.
  • 31,965 from mobs.
  • 10,094 infiltrating pirate's hideout.
  • 7,793 falling off the map.
  • 7,527 killed by the flame sword.
  • 6,684 swimming for the flame sword.
  • 2,757 chasing people into the enemy base/spawn.
  • 2,492 by suicide.
  • 309 from falling into the void.
  • 198 from suffocation.
  • 150 by pet wolves.
  • 63 from explosions.
  • 5 from starvation.

Top Players:

Some stats are approximations due to some early logs missing information. If you have a stat not listed here that you want to see, contact me to have it added. Stats were compiled using grep, sed, sort, uniq, wc and vim. The big cloud of chat words was created using Wordle. I had a lot of fun putting all this together and look forward to another great year for Barron Minecraft. Have fun playing :D


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