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On Hiatus

As of today, I've been on hiatus from Barroncraft for 3 months. Unfortunately, building Minecraft mini games no longer interests me and it's time to move on. After talking with some staff, they are interested in continuing work. Therefore, I'm putting out a notice to anyone with the skills and funds to keep this project going. If you're interested, send an email to [email protected] and we can work out the details. If no one is interested, I'll be shutting down the servers on the 15th.

Thanks for the great games and fun times everyone, I wish you all the best :)

- Nullreff

Update 1: For those interested in hosting, I have graphs of server usage over the last 30 days and the last 24 hours.

Update 2: We have decide to move the DOTA server over to NewBreed Gaming. The old IP should still work, but please change over to using

Minecraft Dota version 4.4.0 released

We've had a few minor updates since last time including:

  • Banvote and LoginSecurity plugins added
  • Minecraft scoreboard for kills
  • Health displayed below player names
  • Extra anvils in the special weapons shop
  • Open fronted shops (no more dropping items behind the counter)

For a full list, check out the commit list. The readme file contains a good explanation on how to set it up. If you have any feedback or need help upgrading, send an email to [email protected].

New responsive site layout

I've made a few changes to the site which should make it more friendly to cell phones and tablets. For those of you on desktops or laptops, try resizing the window to see how it works.

A rather nasty authentication exploit

We recently had an series of incidents involving the impersonation of various moderator accounts. This was due to an exploit in the server version we were running. The server has been updated to the latest version and all bans from the last 48 hours have been rolled back. We will be taking active measures to prevent this from happening again. I'm sorry if you were the victim of any malicious activities while playing on the server. Please send any questions or comments regarding this incident to [email protected].

Server slots increased to 20

Due to an influx of players, I'm raising the slots on to 20. Enjoy the larger games :D

Second and third dota servers going offline

In preparation for moving our servers over to running on bungee cord, and will be going offline. The primary server will stay online.

Maintenance on the first two servers

Both and will be offline temporarily for maintenance. Any connections will be redirected to

Update: Maintenance has been completed

Minecraft Dota version 4.3.0 released

Well its been a while and quite a lot has happened since the last release. Some of the highlights include:

  • Flame Sword has been nerfed
  • Team health and items can be seen in the /team command
  • Additional commands: /me, /msg, /afk
  • Moderator rank
  • Spectating
  • Killstreaks
  • An anvil in the special weapons shop
  • Staff prefixes in chat

For a full list, check out the commit list. The readme file contains a good explanation on how to set it up. If you have any feedback or need help upgrading, send an email to [email protected]

Automated server installation for Minecraft Dota

After much work, I've finally managed to automate the process of setting up new servers to run Minecraft Dota. To create your own, spin up a new server running Debian 7 or CentOS 6 and run the following as the root user:

wget -qO- | sh 

For more information, check out the Barroncraft Puppet Scripts page. It's rather sparse on documentation at the moment, but more will be added soon. If you run into issues, please report them on the Github issues page or send an email to [email protected].

One year of Minecraft Dota

Exactly one year ago today, Hypixel (or Theory Movies as he was know as back then) released the map that we all know and love, Minecraft Dota. I initially posted a server on reddit and within minutes it was full. The system back then was rather crude, but over time it's been improved and has now reached the point where I think it's a reasonably well balanced and fun to play game. In celebration, I'd like to share some statistics from the past year of Minecraft Dota:

Common Chat Words:

Common words used in chat

Game Information:

  • 274,742 connections.
  • 120,627 joined team blue.
  • 144,132 joined team red.
  • 27,158 unique accounts.
  • 25,742 towers destroyed.
  • 4,084 games played.


  • 345,760 deaths.
  • 275,873 from other players.
  • 31,965 from mobs.
  • 10,094 infiltrating pirate's hideout.
  • 7,793 falling off the map.
  • 7,527 killed by the flame sword.
  • 6,684 swimming for the flame sword.
  • 2,757 chasing people into the enemy base/spawn.
  • 2,492 by suicide.
  • 309 from falling into the void.
  • 198 from suffocation.
  • 150 by pet wolves.
  • 63 from explosions.
  • 5 from starvation.

Top Players:

Some stats are approximations due to some early logs missing information. If you have a stat not listed here that you want to see, contact me to have it added. Stats were compiled using grep, sed, sort, uniq, wc and vim. The big cloud of chat words was created using Wordle. I had a lot of fun putting all this together and look forward to another great year for Barron Minecraft. Have fun playing :D

Free Cats!

In light of recent issues with Minecraft Dota, I've decided to take a more drastic approach to balancing the map. This includes making the speed buffs much more fluffy, adding winter cheer to the team chests and giving a more explosive incentive for unlocking the special shops.

Edit: April fools! Servers are back to normal now.

Hoppers, flameswords and command blocks

More updates have been made to the Minecraft Dota server:

  • Nexus upgrades now use hoppers so you can throw stacks of items in rather than one at a time.
  • The Flame Sword and Aqua Helmet now have actual names! Also the Flame Sword has been nerfed to only have Fire Aspect II.
  • There are now fences in front of the shops to prevent you from dropping items over.
  • Command blocks now announce when each team is ready.
  • An exploit involving early access to the Flame Sword has been fixed.

Shops now have fences

There have been quite a few issues since 1.5 was released, one of which was people dropping items behind the counters in shops. To fix this, the shop counters have been replaced with fences which do not allow items to be easily thrown over them.

Barron Minecraft Dota v4.2 Released

The latest updates to the Dota server have been made public. This version is compatable with 1.5, however it contains a few bugs due to the update. It's also backwards compatible with 1.4, you just need to set 'snapshot-protocol' to false in bukkit.yml. There are some custom builds included on the wiki page. The one for SimpleClans retains compatibility for SimpleClansExtensions and the one for ShopKeepers adds unstable support for Spigot's 1.5 protocol. Please be sure to update to an official build of Shopkeepers once it becomes available.

Download Here

New nexus counting mechanism

A new nexus counter mechanism has been added that uses tripwires instead of pressure plates. In addition, there are now colored team names. Please report any bugs or issue on the Github tracker.

Massive website update

The whole website has been rebuilt from the ground up using Jekyll and Bootstrap. This project has been in the works for a long time and I'm glad to finally be able to release it. You should definitely check out the new contribute page for ways to get involved. As always, the source is available for anyone interested.

Some Map Updates

  • Added potatos, carrots and bows to the exchange
  • Helms are now available in the shops
  • Better item detectors for the nexus upgrades
  • Signs that denote the different lanes

Barron Minecraft Dota v4.1 Released

The latest updates to the Dota server have been made public. Some major change have been made to the configuration, so it may be best to re-download everything and start fresh. As always, please report any issues you find.

Download Here

A Few Minor Updates

  • New command /towers that prints out a map of all the towers in chat.
  • The game now announces whenever anyone joins or transfers teams.
  • It's now possible to configure SimpleClansExtensions and disable team balancing.

Theses updates are on the live servers and will be made available in the next public release of Barron Minecraft Dota.

New Server Added

Due to the main servers filling up, I've added another server It should be coming online shortly.

Edit: Servers should be online now.

Primary Servers Updated

Both and have been updated to Minecraft 1.4.6. Enjoy playing :D

Update: Within half an hour, the first server was full and now the second is starting to fill up. Did not expect this...

Test Server Updated

The server has been updated to Minecraft 1.4.6. Some complex plugins such as NoCheatPlus has been disabled and only the basic functionality has been tested. Please report any issues on the Github bug tracker or the forum thread. Once things have stabilized, the main servers will be updated.

Update: Everything else appears to be working so NoCheatPlus has been enabled.

Server Crashing Issues

The primary server has crashed twice in the past week. For this reason, I'll be swapping it out with one of our backup servers. The change will be done with DNS update and should not result in any downtime.

Minecraft 1.4 Released

Minecraft 1.4 has been released. The servers with update when a recommended CraftBukkit build is made available.

Development Continues and More Server Slots

The two hard drives for my development server arrived and have been installed. Development should resume shortly. First change will be the adding of hats to the game (because everyone loves TF2). Also, the servers have been upgraded from 16 slots to 20 slots. Unless issues come up, they will stay this way. I may even look into making them larger in the future.

Development Server Is Down

I have a bit of bad news to report. This weekend the primary hard drive on my home server died. While all the data on it was backed up, I no longer have a local server to use for development and testing. Until I get a new hard drive for it, you won't be seeing many updates to the game.

In happier news, I've begun putting together recruitment for server staff. More on this will be posted later.

Colored Names Added

Colored nameplates have been added to the game. You will no longer have to guess if you should greet someone or attempt to kill them. Teammates show up as green and enemies show up as red. Please report any issues with this feature on the SimpleClansExtension bug tracker.

Custom Dota map made public and a few updates

The custom map running on the servers has been made public in the Github repo for Minecraft Dota. A couple of minor changes such as ender chests and additional exchanges have been added as well. These changes will be released with Barron Minecraft Dota 4.1 some time in the next week. Until then, feel free to download and try them out. Just be sure to report any bugs you find.

Villager Shops Released

The main server has been updated with villager shops. Quite a few bugs have also been fixed and a new anti-cheating system has been implemented. These changes will be made public soon along with the custom map that goes with them. If you can't wait, check out the testing branch on Github.

Barron Minecraft Dota v4.0 Released

The latest updates to the Dota server have been made public. The new version features quite a few important bug fixes, Minecraft 1.3 compatibility and the /surrender command. Head over to Barron Wiki for more information. As always, please report any issues you find. You will also want to download the updated version of SimpleClansExtensions.

Villager Shopkeepers Added

The second server has been updated with NPC shopkeepers. This is a new feature and has not been fully tested yet so please report any bugs you find. If all goes well, the main dota server will be updated with these changes soon.

Unstable Dota Configuration for Minecraft 1.3

As many of you probably noticed, my currently published configuration does not work well with Minecraft 1.3. I'm working on fixing all the bugs and issues that came from Minecraft updating and once I'm sure its stable I'll publish it. If you want to try the new configuration out a little early, all the files are available from the testing branch on Github. This is extremely close to whats currently running live on the the servers and as far as I know, works properly.

Dota Updated

The main server has been updated to 1.3. There are still some bugs remaining, namely a few towers are impossible to destroy. I'm actively working on a fix for the and expect to have it within the next few days.

Update1: This appears to be a bug with Bukkit or Minecraft itself, fixing this might take a bit.

Update2: Towers have been fixed. It's a bit hackish but it works, you can see the code on Github.

Dota2 Updated

The secondary server for Minecraft Dota, has been updated to 1.3.1. The main server will be updated once I'm sure everything is working correctly.

Update: Mob spawning has been fixed. If no more issues come up, the main dota server will be updated within the next 24 hours.

Now With Donations

Currently Barron Minecraft is run entirely out of my own pocket as a fun hobby. A few people mentioned that they wanted to help offset hosting costs so I've added some links to the contribute page. Don't feel like you have to, the servers will continue running now and in the future regardless. However, if you do enjoy playing on my servers or use my configuration for your own server, please consider contributing in some form.

New Players Incoming

For those coming from Petri's video please be aware that these servers are still a work in progress. If you experience lag from the redstone, try installing Optifine and disabling particle effects. Any bugs or exploits should be reported on the Github tracker. Enjoy playing the game.

Barron Minecraft Dota v3.5 Released

The latest updates to the Dota server have been made public. The new version features additional performance optimization, automatic server resets and quite a few bug/exploit fixes. Head over to Barron Wiki for more information. As always, please report any issues you find.

Fixes made to the map

Changes have been made to the map to fix some known exploits. Players will no longer be able to climb over walls or rush for the fire sword a the start of the game. The shops have also been changed to prevent stuck items. These fixes will be made available for download once the map has been tested.

Second Dota Server Back Online

Due to the popularity of Minecraft Dota, our second server has been brought back online. If the first server fills up, try connecting to this one.

Tuesday Server Maintenance

The server running Minecraft Dota will be down on Tuesday , 06 11 for maintenance. The DNS for has been set to redirect to our second server which will continue to host Minecraft Dota during the downtime. If you have trouble connecting, try using Maintenance will last a 1-3 hours and should not impact players at all.

Update: Maintenance has been completed

Barron Wiki is now online

If you haven't already noticed the new link in the site menu, you should know that we now have a wiki. All tutorials and write-ups on how the server works will be hosted on it. The wiki is currently in read only mode until everything has been moved over. If you have contributions you would like to make, send them in.

Minecraft Dota now auto resets

Minecraft Dota has been updated so it will automatically reset the map once the game is over. This means no more getting cut off in the middle of a long game or having to wait for a reset at the end of a short one. I'll be creating a writeup/tutorial on how this is done. In the meantime, you can check out the changes made to the plugin that allows this to happen.

Capture the Flag

Atlas server has been set up to run games of capture the flag. There is currently one map with a very basic setup. There are plans to add more maps and game mechanics in the future. Connect to if you want to try it out.

New site up and running

The new redesigned site for Barron Minecraft is up and running. It used to be hosted on one of our Minecraft nodes but now has its own dedicated web server. The site has also been upgraded to Drupal 7 and given a visual makeover. Expect more features in the upcoming months.

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