Barron Minecraft is a personal project that started around a year ago. Since then it has grown from a small server run out of my house to multiple dedicated servers hosting maps for players from around the world. My aspiration is to create an open platform that people can use to collaboratively build and host games. To that end, I've set three goals that form a foundation for this project.


Project Goals

Epic Games
We host and contribute to the best maps and mods out there to create a fun and competitive PvP experience. Great care is taken in designing and building games so that they are properly balanced and enjoyable to play. We also maintain dedicated servers to ensure games are available to everyone.
Open Servers
Details of how we run our servers are available to anyone wanting to learn about Minecraft server administration. All configurations are openly documented on Barron Wiki and any custom code is shared on GitHub. Everyone is free to use and redistribute in their own projects as long as they provide proper attribution and licensing.
Community Involvement
Everything on Barron Minecraft is created with the idea of improving the Minecraft community as a whole. It is our hope that through sharing knowledge, others can gain just as much from this project as we do. We also welcome contributions, be they ideas, code, configuration, maps, documentation, tutorials, artwork, donations or feedback.
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